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40 Acid-Loving Plants That Will Grow Well on Acidic Soil |


Have you noticed that nothing appears to grow in your acidic soil?
Why not look into plants that can survive in acidic soil before becoming discouraged and attempting many soil amendment tips?
You probably had no idea that there are a ton of plants that thrive in these circumstances.

You might have excellent soil for growing an abundance of tasty fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees if it has a pH level below 7, preferably around 5.5.
What you can plant in your acidic soil is listed below:

1. Azaleas

Azaleas are beautiful blooming shrubs that are perfect for giving your garden a pop of color. They only bloom towards the end of spring or the beginning of summer.

But when they blossom, they have stunning hues. Even when the flowering is over, they still provide lovely green leaves that will breathe new life into your yard. These are planted in front of our house with rose bushes, and they maintain the beauty of our property all year round.


2. Rhododendrons


Rhododendrons are the ideal plant if you’re looking for something that can function as a shrub or a hedge. Despite being evergreen plants, they only blossom in the summer. They will thus make a lovely, vibrant addition to your landscape.

But this is your plant if you want an acid-loving plant in your garden that will also attract pollinators. Both you and the bees will adore these!


3. Camellias

Another azalea bush is related to this particular plant. It only blooms in the spring and produces rose-like blossoms.

These shrubs, however, struggle with the cold. Prior to planting, you should consider this if you reside in a more excellent environment.

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