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Go Fine Dining When In Sydney! |


When it comes to everything exceptional and opulent, Sydney is the place to be! The green city takes pleasure in its finery, from its fine restaurants and dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour to the beautiful Opera House and landmark Harbour Bridge. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything while you’re in Sydney, particularly when it comes to good eating!

Sydney is the fine dining capital of Australia, with restaurants of distinction and international reputation, as well as top celebrity chefs in action… but wait, there’s more! Its modest restaurants and cafeterias are also a foodie’s dream come true!

Read on to discover not one, but many ways to dine elegantly in Sydney:

The Quay, situated in the center of Circular Quay, is all about sweeping views of the magnificent port and its environs, and has been included in not one but several best dining venue lists throughout the globe! Add in delicacies like mud crab congee, which has been a client favorite for decades, and you’ve got yourself the ideal formula for your dinner night!

Sydney’s Café Café Sydney mixes the finest together with an exceptional location, exquisite cuisine, and stylish decor to create a dining venue that is so well-known that it has become another major tourist attraction in Sydney! You’ve won the jackpot when you add in a one-of-a-kind prologue—an outstanding city model! With the great cuisine it’s known for, as well as spectacular night sky views of the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the clean Circular Quay waters, asking for anything more would be a crime!

Dinner Cruise With A Twist With a multi-million dollar catamaran, a premium ambiance, gourmet food, and breathtaking harbour views, you’ve got yourself a dinner cruise in Sydney that’s as good as it gets! A dinner time that will undoubtedly rank among your top Sydney experiences… take advantage of the winning mix of first-class service, restaurant-quality meals, modern décor, sweeping vistas, and more without breaking the bank! Already smitten by the concept?


Aria is a curvy dining room designed by renowned Australian chef Matt Moran that will win you over at first glance! See how Matt and his staff work their magic on your taste buds and live up to their reputation as one of the world’s most exclusive eating establishments. When you combine it with a wine selection that has been listed in the finest wine lists on several occasions, you have a meal time that you can’t get enough of!

Bennelong The architectural magnificence of this establishment, dubbed Sydney’s most magnificent dining room, is guaranteed to be a delight to your eyes throughout the night! Spend some time admiring the exquisite décor and breathtaking vistas you’ll see all along the way, with a dining menu as excellent as it gets. See how the renowned restaurant transforms fresh ingredients into unusual meals and sweets. A meal event in the most opulent sense! So why wait to treat your taste buds? Take a tasty tour of Sydney and sample the finest of the city’s hidden culinary gems before heading off!

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