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4 Ways to Boost Your Natural Testosterone Levels


Testosterone is the king hormone when it comes to hormones. Testosterone is mostly generated by the testicles in males. The ovaries generate testosterone in women, although at considerably lower levels. Testosterone production in the body begins to rise in late adolescence and gradually decreases beyond the age of thirty. The principal sex hormone, testosterone, has a significant impact on muscle mass and bone density, as well as body fat levels, mood, and red blood cell formation.

Weight gain, reduced sex desire, low energy, sadness, and low self-esteem are just a few of the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. While testosterone levels typically fall as you get older, there are a variety of strategies to increase testosterone levels and keep them at healthy levels.

Low-Testosterone Signs and Symptoms


Sex isn’t something I’m really interested in (low libido).

Having difficulty maintaining or obtaining an erection is

Muscle wasting


Weakness, lethargy, and general exhaustion

Lack of capacity to focus

A lack of drive

weight increase that you did not expect.

Loss of hair

Exercise-induced loss of strength

Symptoms of gynecomastia, a condition in which the breast tissue becomes abnormally large,

(Women only)

Depressive Fatigue

Muscle mass and bone density are deteriorating.

Concentration is proving to be a difficult task.


A torturous affair

If you’ve been having at least three of the above symptoms on a daily basis for more than a few weeks, contact your doctor for a testosterone level blood test, and then do the measures below:

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally:

Relax and unwind.

Reducing stress levels might be more difficult said than done in today’s fast-paced, rushed environment. We are concerned about our employment and children, as well as our financial situation and personal relationships. According to the research, chronically stressed people had higher cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone produced in small amounts by your body throughout the day in reaction to various stimuli. Chronically high cortisol levels, on the other hand, can swiftly lead to a drop in testosterone levels.

Take Advantage of the Sun (Vitamin D)

The sunshine vitamin is vitamin D. According to a study conducted by German experts, it may also act as a natural testosterone booster, in addition to having various health advantages, such as aiding in weight loss. In order to maximize your body’s vitamin D levels, you should get at least 20 minutes of sun exposure every day.

If you reside in the far north or in a location with little regular direct sunlight, I strongly advise you to supplement with a high-quality Vitamin D product.

Fenugreek as a supplement

Fenugreek is a plant that has been used to cure a variety of health problems in alternative and Chinese medicine. Fenugreek is a woodland shrub with little brown-golden fenugreek seeds in its pods. It’s often used as a spice and may also be found in shampoo and detergent.

Fenugreek is high in various key nutrients, although its benefits are largely utilized to increase testosterone and libido. In one experiment, 30 college-aged guys were given 500 mg of fenugreek each day. The guys used fenugreek in conjunction with an eight-week weight-lifting regimen and four training sessions each week, with half of them taking the supplement.

Researchers found a modest decrease in testosterone in the non-supplement group and an increase in testosterone in the fenugreek group when comparing the two groups. Body fat was also reduced by 2% in the fenugreek supplement group.

Meat, eggs, and butter should not be avoided.

Meat, particularly red meat, especially if it’s one of the leaner cuts like sirloin, top round, or London broil, is a great source of testosterone. This is due to the fact that red meat contains a lot of cholesterol, which is a direct precursor of testosterone in the body. As with any other product, it’s critical to select only the highest-quality meat available at the supermarket; this means grass-fed is a requirement, and organic if feasible.

Due to the difference in diet between feed-lot cows and pasture or grass-fed cows, regular or conventional beef does not offer the same health advantages as grass-fed beef. Eggs, like lean red meat, are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, both of which aid in increasing testosterone levels naturally.

After that,

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